About Spear It Rewards

Q1: How can I earn points? 

It's simple - arrive early, stay late, and cheer on the Seminoles! Select games throughout the year for every sport ?will be Spear It Rewards nights where members receive bonus points for attending!

Q2: If I purchase items or enter contests in the store, will I lose my points? 

Yes, if you choose to purchase an item in the store or use your points to enter the contest, you will lose your points. These are the points that determine your entries for a weighted lottery for athletic tickets. You have the opportunity to earn numerous points throughout the year to build your point total back up if you do choose to spend your points.?

Q3: If I purchase items or enter contests in the store, where do I go to claim my prize? 

You must go to the Seminole Sports Marketing Department located on the second floor of University Center D. You have 30 days to claim your prize. Once the 30 days have passed, the item will be re-stocked. You will still lose your points.

Q4: What if I can't check in at a venue? 

Ask yourself a few questions first.
1.) Are you at the venue?
2.) Am I at the venue at the correct time? You can only check-in one hour prior to the event starting.
3.) Are you logged in with your FSU email address?
4.) Are your location services turned on for the Spear It Rewards app? Is your bluetooth turned on?

If you answered yes to these questions, email support to get help.

Q5: How long does check-in usually last?

Scanning will begin when the gates open for that particular event. Most events are 1 hour before the event starts. The check-in window ends usually an hour after the game/match begins.?

Q6: Other than attending events, how else can I earn more points?

You can join the Seminole Student Boosters and receive 500 points. You can join Seminole Student Boosters here: http://boosters.fsu.edu/StudentBoosters

Q7: Do my Spear It Rewards points transfer from year to year?

Yes, 25% of your points will carry forward to the next year.

Q8: How can I see how many points that I have accumulated?

A student can see their earned Spear It Rewards points total by logging into their account. ?

Q9: How can I dispute a point discrepancy?

Students will have to check-in via the Spear It Rewards mobile app. You need to have your Bluetooth enabled and be in the venue to receive your points. There will not be a dispute option. Your activity feed online will determine whether or not you attended that game.

Have other questions? Contact the Seminole Sports Marketing office at 850-644-2550.